Learn Tables : HTML Export

In the next set of articles that i will write we will look at all the diffetent type of exports we can use. At the time of writing there are five types of export , html, text, excel, powerpoint and word. It is also possible to write your own type of exports and if you want some info on that let us know and we will point you in the write direction. In this article we will look at the HTML export and all the features you can use.

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Learn Tables : Filters

In the previous article we looked at how to tabulate the questions in our survey. When we create tables it is often that we don’t want to tabulate all the data but a subset of it. In this article we will look at how we can create those sub sets of data so that we can filter our tables at the global level or at the table level.

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Learn Tables : Basic Tables

In our last article we showed you the steps that you need to take to produce tables in Data Collection. Open the data , create the table structure , populate the tables and then export. In this article we will spend some time showing you how to create some of the different tables that you may need and some of the basic additions that we need to add to our script to make it run smother.

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Learn Tables : One Table

In the past we have done lots of articles about creating surveys and all the things that you might want to do with them , so now we thought it was time to run some articles on tabulation. As you know , we have four products that you can use to create tables in Data Collection and in these articles we are only going to use Professional and scripts. So in this first article we will look at how we load up a datafile create one table and export it to HTML.

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